We train to achieve optimal mind, body, spirit and skills through traditional Budo and Bujutsu. Samurai Bushido is the basic tenet of our tradition we stress and cherish. Essential values such as discipline, respect, humility, sacrifice, courage, determination, persistence to build human character and strengthen the will power through Budo training is our aim.

Bushin Kan means the spirit of Budo essence. To achieve this lofty goal, we must have Shoshin, beginner's mind and Mushin, no mind. Everyone can achieve optimal success and everyone can learn form anyone and everyone and from all things in nature.

Attaining the spontaneous freedom and peace and harmony of mind and body and spirit through the classical art is the noble aim. We stress the importance of teaching, service and research in Budo disciplines to help overall quality of life and humanity.

Photo of Guardian Tree indicates the metaphor of Wabi and Sabi in nature. Bushin Kan stresses the simplicity of nature as guiding force and spiritual bearing in practice.