Bushin Kan Honbu Dojo Budo and Bujutsu Curriculum


Students focus on the total development of themselves from the Karatedo practice. Trainees are required to undergo proper traditional regimentation of discipline and respect in all phase of practice. They are aiming to build optimal mind, body, spirit and defensive skills at all times. Traditional Kata represented by Shorin Ken, Karatedo, Okinawa and Japanese Kenpo, are the foundational curriculum. Students are also afforded to practice Okinawa Kobudo weapons.

Classical Karatedo stresses the refined Kata practice with correct Bunkai methodology. Students are required to undergo rigors of physical and mental tests as well as proficiency in practical application of Kihon fundamentals. In Bushin Kan Dojo, students from six years old to the octogenarian age train together for pure enjoyment of cultivating his full potentials. The aim is to achieve the essence of Kuken, empty fist in Shin Ki Tai.