Butoku News

Butoku News is issued to all DNBK USA Bushin Kan members periodically.

Based on the major activities such as World Youth Butoku Sai, World Butoku Sai, International Rensei Taikai scheduled in Japan and Europe, Butoku News is sent to the members of DNBK in-good standing. It covers the essential activities and outcomes of the entire event.

Previous Butoku News in the last 25 years covered such events as:

  • The Second World Butoku Sai
  • Belgium Butoku Sai
  • Portugal Butoku Sai
  • UK Butoku Sai
  • All America Butoku Sai
  • Spain and France Rensei Taikai
  • Canada Rensei Taikai
  • Germany Rensei Taikai
  • All Japan Butoku Sai
  • World Youth Butoku Sai
  • Annual Kensho Kai
  • US Rensei Taikai
  • Greece International Rensei Taikai
  • The Third World Butoku Sai
  • 4th America Butoku Sai
  • Canada Butoku Sai
  • Second World Youth Butoku Sai
  • 4th World Butoku Sai
  • 50th Japan Butoku Sai
  • 50th Anniversary USA America Butoku Sai
  • 5th World Butoku Sai and 54th Japan Butoku Sai
  • France Butoku Sai